How to Train Your Dog to STOP JUMPING on People

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Sometimes dogs behave in a funny way. I think they like establishing friendship than any other animal with strange human beings. Such kind of behavior ought to be controlled because of the impact that you may encounter later . As you know this a behavioral attitude that the dog usually build over time. They are some tricks that you apply to make sure that your dog only recognizes you and shy away from your visitors. The best way is to practice this tricks over time so as the dog get used to them.



First you need to reduce some kind of excitement that the dog usually have when you enter the compound. This can be done well when you reduce your attention towards the dog whenever you come in. Try to calm it down whenever it wants to make a jump on you. Also visitors who enter into the compound can still be given precaution to avoid contact with it or simply stop impressing the dog. The best way is to encourage them pinch the dog whenever it jumps on them . This should be consistent over time. After which the dog will start treating most strangers as enemies and tries to avoid them.


Also sometimes you can teach your dog to avoid jumping to visitors by simply cultivating new behavior which are friendly. The best one is to help your dog to learn how to seat whenever it wants to make an interaction with you. For example teach it on how to greet you when seating down . This can be very easy to do. What you need is, make sure when you want to give it food the dog should be seated on a mat. Then you can even great it before you give it food. Do this continuously . This will reduce its behavior of jumping and whenever it encounters you or anybody it first seats down expecting something.


Sometimes it is good to teach your dog to follow commands. This means you have to be aleader and whenever you make any command it will follow. This can start by training your dog to recognize your voice and when you make a friendly request it will be able to know. Then when you are harsh it will easily tell through your voice. This will give you a chance to make execute commands when it jumps to visitors. If you do this for sometime it will realize you are always angry with it when it jumps to guests. Then it will start shying away from that.


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